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Final Fantasy XIV: Update 6.4 The Dark Throne – Release Date and Details

Final Fantasy XIV

Mark your calendars, as the next notable expansion for the much-loved game, Final Fantasy XIV, Update 6.4, ominously dubbed ‘The Dark Throne’, is set to be unleashed on May 23rd. The revelation arrived during a past Producer’s livestream, which also unveiled a gripping trailer that shed light on the forthcoming add-ons.

‘The Dark Throne’, as the foreboding title suggests, will thrust gamers into a narrative steeped in shadows. The update is set to serve up a feast of immersive Main Story Quests, riveting side quests, and inventive Trials, including ‘The Voidcast Dais’ and ‘Containment Bay Z1T79’.

The imminent update will also herald a slew of enhancements for PvP gameplay. The roll-out of PvP Series 4, synchronized with the inception of Crystalline Conflict Season 7, is a headline act. The Fields of Glory ruleset will witness adjustments, and Frontline mode will sport a revamped UI for an optimized overview of match progress and scoring.

The tranquil Island Sanctuary will receive a comprehensive overhaul, ushering in new Sanctuary ranks, an expanded list of craftable items, and the facility to position outdoor furniture adjacent to your structures. Additionally, the pastime of ocean fishing will extend its boundaries to a new route near Kugane.

The Blue Mage class will enjoy a significant uplift. Accompanied by a level cap boost to 80, the update will introduce exclusive gear and formidable adversaries to take on.

Update 6.45, a future installation in the series, will unlock the doors to the unique Variant Dungeon and the Criterion Dungeon – Mount Rokkon, each presenting a distinctive set of gameplay rules and dynamics, ensuring a continuously refreshing and captivating gaming journey.

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