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Ironcore Game Studio Announces Closed Beta Registration for Upcoming Eastern Fantasy MMORPG Perfect New World

Ironcore Game Studio is preparing to initiate closed beta testing for their highly anticipated game, “Perfect New World.” This alluring gaming experience beckons players to assume the mantle of Soul Tamers, journeying through a vibrant Eastern-inspired fantasy realm populated by Spirit Beasts, treacherous dungeons, and formidable adversaries. The closed beta offers the inaugural opportunity for players to immerse themselves in Ironcore Games’ enthralling odyssey, unraveling the mysteries of the “reawakened Prime” while confronting the enigmatic realm’s ordeals.

Despite the seemingly puzzling name, “Perfect New World,” considering Perfect World and New World are distinct MMOs, Ironcore’s project functions as a spiritual successor to Perfect World and has been under development for at least two years. In “Perfect New World,” players can pick from three diverse races: Elvens, Mythics, and Humans. Each race boasts individual attributes and skills, facilitating an extensive range of character customization possibilities. Additionally, the game highlights a versatile combat system, complete with an unrestricted skill system and a plethora of combos, empowering players to devise their own battle tactics and engage in high-octane, exhilarating combat.

Ironcore Game Studio’s sprawling and intricately detailed universe is a standout feature, as noted on the game’s Steam page. Gamers must band together with their allies to vanquish treacherous dungeons, outsmart powerful foes, and collect valuable resources. The developers have also unveiled a video showcasing the game’s combat mechanics and environment as a preview of the closed beta.

The upcoming closed beta test, slated for May 4, 2023, is intended to evaluate the game’s stability, playability, and general user satisfaction. Participation is restricted and requires adherence to a non-disclosure agreement that forbids sharing gameplay content via live streaming, screen recording, or social media platforms.

Enrollment for the closed beta test will be available from April 7, 2023, at 10:00 EDT until April 23, 2023, at 23:59 EDT. Players keen on participating can register by completing a survey supplied by Ironcore Game Studio. Once the registration window closes, chosen participants will be sent an email invitation with a Steam product key to access the game.

Ironcore Game Studio is actively soliciting feedback from closed beta testers, encouraging players to relay their gaming experiences and offer suggestions for continued refinement. The developers are committed to resolving any issues, understanding players’ requirements and expectations, and improving Perfect New World’s quality and functionality. It is vital to acknowledge that all in-game content during the closed beta test is still in development and may not represent the final product. Moreover, players’ game data will not carry over to subsequent tests or the live game.

If you’re eager to assist Ironcore Game Studio in testing their forthcoming game, sign up now to join other Soul Tamers in sculpting the destiny of Perfect New World as it readies for its highly anticipated Steam release.

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